Month: April 2016

Makani shows her mettle on San Francisco Bay

I took Makani our for a sail yesterday with one other crew on board, Al (who has an Islander 30 two slips down).  We left the dock at noon with a bright, blue sky, 60 degree temperature and the wind out of the West at 15 knots.  It was slack low tide, with a flood for the rest of the afternoon.  The wind was predicted to build to 18 knots.  This being April the westerly was not a result of East Bay thermals but part of a front in the Pacific moving in.

After motoring out of Richardson Bay, I set a single reef in the sail and headed out into the “slot.”  The wind immediately built to 20 knots, but Makani handled it beautifuly with about 10 degrees of heel and tracking straight on a beam reach.  We continued across the bay to the Bay Bridge with the wind and chop building.  The wind was now a steady 25 with gusts up to 30 knots, but to my extreme pleasure, Makani took them well with her mast bending with each gust to dump off the wind.  We never had a rail in the water or experienced extreme heeling. And I never had to let out the main.

The Coast Guard broadcast a Small Craft Warning (not unusual for SF in the summer, but this is still Spring) so we tacked around (piece of cake) and headed back to Sausalito.  Now we were taking the chop on the forward quarter of the boat and even with a dodger up plenty of spray was coming into the cockpit.

All Al had to say was that he was glad we were on the Nonsuch instead of his Islander 30–a very nice boat but much “wetter.”

When we returned to Sausalito Channel in Richardson Bay we headed into the wind, let the halyard fly and watched the main fall into the cradle.  This was the strongest wind I’ve had Makani out in and was delighted with all aspects of her sailing.  Another big confirmation that getting a Nonsuch 30U was the perfect decision for SF Bay.