The Engine in Makani, Nonsuch 30U #278

The Engine in Makani, Nonsuch 30U #278

Makani was built in 1985 and is powered with a Westerbeke 27 of the same year.  As noted earlier, the engine was surveyed prior to purchase and the previous owner did a good job of maintaining the power plant.

We had a punch list of items to take care of based on the survey and my own wish to try and stay ahead of any maintenance issues.  The boat was brought to List Marine in Sausalito where Hans List and his crew took care of everything.  Besides replacing hoses, belts, and filters, we also replaced the Exhaust Elbowa and manifold gaskets.  This should be done every 3-5 years and there was no record when it was done last.  Hans also recommended that the engine feb repainted with primer and corrosion resistant paint, which was done.  The result is an engine that looks as good as new.

In the Nonsuch 30U the engine has a V-Drive so it is actually mounted “backwards.”  But there is plenty of room to get to all the sides of the engine either from the cabin or through the cockpit lazarettes. Even me at  6′ and 220 lb can get down there!


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