S/V Makani, a Nonsuch 30U comes to Sausalito

S/V Makani, a Nonsuch 30U comes to Sausalito

Having decided to truck, rather than sail, Makani to San Francisco from Seattle we contracted with Piazza and Sons trucking.  They came recommended and were in the Seattle area looking for a load to take back to the Bay area, so we agreed to a very fair price.

Nonsuch 30 U Makani on the hard at KKMI Sausalito after trucking down from Seattle.

Makani was to be delivered to the KKMI boat yard in Sausalito since we were going to dock Makani at Clipper Yacht Harbor where KKMI Sausalito was located.

KKMI did the re-rigging which included servicing our electric halyard winch and manual mainsheet winch, replacing the wooden mast wedges with new plastic ones purchased from Mike Quill, replacing the VHF antenna and getting new lights. Upon inspecting the mast the rigger found we needed a new mast bolt, which was really a good thing.

The project manager was Zander Hyde, who along with everyone else at KKMI, did a great job.  Even though the bottom was painted within the past year (with a hard paint), since it was out of the water for a total of two weeks we had the bottom re-painted and the hull polished.

While the boat was still on the hard we had the transom stripped of the old name and hailing port and re-named her Makani out of Sausalito, CA.


The name was selected from 11 other possibilities by a vote of the family.  I thought Makani was Hawaiian for “wind.”  Our son Jason has a friend in Hawaii whom he called to confirm this.  The friend said the dictionary meaning was “wind” but the colloquial meaning was “passing wind.” Once my sons learned this there was no way we could choose any other name.

The final step was stepping the mast, which again the skilled personnel at KKMI did without a hitch. After that it was motoring down the fairway to our slip in Basin 3 of Clipper Yacht Harbor.

We have a 30′ slip with a width of 13′ which makes a tight fit for the beamy Nonsuch 30U.





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